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Co-working, Change Your Definition of "Work"

Co-working Downtown Great Falls, Montana
Co-working Downtown Great Falls, Montana

Work wellness and lifestyle have drastically changed over the last few years. We seek out personal benefits, balance, and development opportunities now more than ever. Our focus here at the Haute Hive is to innovate the manner in which we work, in order to improve inspiring work lifestyles.

Companies offering remote work, start-up businesses, individual sales, & entrepreneurs are all getting creative in the way we present ourselves as professionals. Working on-the-go or from home can be great, however, is it inspiring growth, increasing success and productivity, or presenting a professional image?

The Haute Hive offers a variety of work options that can launch any business into opportunity. A co-working arrangement allows you to change, adapt and customize your business to the design of your lifestyle. We work together for creative solutions to problem solving that allows co-working to become a collaborative hub for innovation in business. Creating an innovative, easy-to-use workspace with large training rooms and a luxury culture has taken our community networking to a new and exciting level. Let's talk about three reasons you should invest in your business and secure a PRIVATE OFFICE at the Haute Hive!


Flexible and collaborative work environments are proven to increase productivity for individuals and teams. Fostering connections between business owners at every level to include diverse industries is essential in creating strong networks and member engagement. In a traditional office setting, employees may be limited. However, at the Haute Hive, members have access to a variety of different spaces and can choose the one that best suits their needs at any given moment. This fosters a sense of community and collaboration that can be different every day. Additionally, we provide amenities such as internet, coffee and snacks, opulent environments, comfortable furniture, and conference rooms, that increase work wellness and productivity.

Professional Image & Innovation

Did you know that innovation is the most sought-after leadership quality and one of the keys to long term success? We pride ourselves on creating a space that elevates business in Great Falls and exudes the image that we, as entrepreneurs, are innovative in the workplace. Every day we get the opportunity to influence development, motivate professionals, captivate excellence and transform business norms to high-quality services. Don't wait, join The Hive. Elevate your business now.

Affordable Prices

One of our main goals is to make business affordable from the start. We aim to provide business owners and their teams with an inspiring working environment and a fully functional workplace without having to deal with the large overhead cost. Is there a cost to business? Always, but how do we make it work across the board? The frugal innovation of these shared areas makes it easier to run a business without spending a lot of money. Shared common areas, conference rooms and more allow each business owner to maximize their resources.

We are legacy-driven with a heart to impact and develop our community. We love relationships and seeing individuals or businesses succeed and if we can come alongside and partner in making a positive impact, that's success to us. Helping people achieve and develop both professionally and personally is why we love what we do. Fostering a visionary future for our community in growth opportunity is a blessing that feeds our passions.

How can you start today? Schedule a private walk though with Madyson Oakes to discuss your business and strategize on how we can offer work wellness and lifestyle to you!


Executive Office = $795/ month

Semi Private Office = $300/ month

Coworking Membership = $175/ month 

Conference Rooms  = $95/4hrs or $179/8hrs 

Private Office Day Pass = $40/day

Coworking Day Pass = $25/day

Coworking Day Pass HOT DEAL!!! = 10 days for $100 

Visit our Website or call today to get in depth details of each package available and what we offer! WWW.LIFESTYLE-HAUTEHIVE.COM     |     (406) 952-4663

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Candra All4Him LLC
Candra All4Him LLC
Mar 26

Love the creative space and warm atmosphere! I smile when I walk into work each day feeling grateful to have such a fresh creative space to meet my clients!

Madyson Oakes
Madyson Oakes
Mar 26
Replying to

Candra is located on the 2nd Floor in one of our 2 Presidential Suites! Stop down to take a look at Executive Office options. We have other space available! Thank you for being at the HIVE!

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